Protecting and Promoting Water Flying  

Make your dreams come true, and live a life of adventure and discovery through water flying.

Seaplanes are the ultimate off road vehicle, they will take your passion for flight to a whole new level.

Only three percent of pilots have taken advantage of this amazing skill, and seaplane pilots are highly regarded for having greater stick and rudder skills than the average pilot and it shows in their flying.

The fun way is no runway... Every landing that a seaplane pilot does is unique, as the water surface and conditions are constantly changing.

Enjoy the best of the outdoors, flying and boating in each and every seaplane flight.

We hope you enjoy browsing and using our website, and may even consider joining the Seaplane Pilots Association and start your adventure! 


Did you know, flying seaplanes make you a better pilot?

Watch the video below for a taste of what you are missing out on by not being a seaplane pilot!

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